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 Is located in the Bohai Sea Mengcun Hui Autonomous County of Hebei Province, is a state-level poor counties, reform and opening up, county-level fiscal revenue is only 2.57 million yuan, per capita income of the farmers only a few dozen yuan.

 Faced with this situation, how to quickly get rid of poverty, the development of county economy, increase the income of peasants has become a county the county government must first be resolved. After a fumbling, county government decided based on county conditions to develop their own characteristics, industry characteristics and industry will be bigger and stronger. The beginning of 2005 Autumn Festival, I came here and found that almost every household in the rural south county cattle and Small Tailed Han Yang Bohai Sea, almost all villages in northern rural areas of production elbow pipe. Here to achieve a "pastoral people, to bend county," the characteristics of industrial layout, and successfully opened a characteristic industries rely on the revitalization of the county's economic development.

 As of the end of 2004, Mengcun counties in two cattle per household, per capita two sheep, goats, cattle and sheep industry output value of 274 million, accounting for more than 45% of agricultural output has become the backbone of increasing peasant incomes industries. Bend Industries contribution to tax 40 million yuan a year, while absorbing 45000 people in employment, per capita income reached 1350 yuan, accounting for farmers per capita net income of 55%.

Play traditional strengths to achieve livestock enrich Mengcun rich forage resources, the local back to the Han people, there has always been the habit of breeding cattle and sheep. Beginning in 1992, the county started grasping the scale of the expansion of aquaculture. The end of 2004, the county the amount of cattle and sheep rearing, respectively, 106,000 and 40 million, to reach each household two cows, two sheep per person. Cattle deep processing enterprises came into being.

 Play to strengths to achieve a base bend county early seventies of last century, with the introduction of China's fertilizer production lines and oilfield construction, Mengcun who embarked on the road bend pipe production. Today, the ranks of domestic production base in the four elbow pipe elbow Mengcun the head pipe industry, the low-voltage products have accounted for more than 80% of the national market, supporting the Mengcun half the county's economy.

 At present, the mengcun elbow pipe fitting business totaled 1141, with St-day sea-ho two provincial-level groups, Hebei Province, famous and well-known trade mark 7, the industry total assets of 3.0 billion break, the annual throughput of 2.6 million tons , the annual output value of 3.0 billion. Whether a few centimeters to 2 meters in diameter pipe, or elbow, flange, straight pipe, elbow, tee, valve and so on more than 50 categories, thousands of types of products can be found in the Mengcun. Thousand of people across the country throughout the sales force, 1180 specialized shops, dense widespread sales network, continuously send their products to the Mengcun's elbow throughout the country. Products are labeled a "West-East", the Three Gorges hydropower station and other national key projects, but also exported to the United Kingdom, Korea, Malaysia, the Middle East more than a dozen countries and regions.

 Elbow pipe fitting industry can form such a large scale advantages, and the county the county government's full support inseparable. County County to guide enterprises to greatly improve the product technology content, to technology for efficiency and set up a 2.3 million yuan investment in science and technology innovation services - Elbow Pipe Fittings Productivity Promotion Center. With the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and many other colleges and universities, has established close technical cooperation relations; with the Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Chengdu Welding Institute six universities and research institutes for technology docking, contracted development of centrifugal casting of new technologies such as 11. Meanwhile, in order to build technology transfer and transformation of enterprise platforms, every year come up with at least 20 million of research and special funding. Has also established a domestic only a provincial quality inspection stations elbow pipe fittings, specialized agency to test the product for the enterprise.

 Actively cultivating leading and key enterprises, pay close attention to construction projects, to accelerate the industry consolidation and expansion of the scale, is another important measure Mengcun. Major support from St-day sea-ho assets exceeding two billion provincial enterprise groups, all new CNC lathe and other sophisticated equipment, the introduction of modern enterprise management mode, product quality and production reached the level of the domestic industry's leading market competitiveness markedly enhanced; key support for the Three Lions pipe, Huayang Steel Pipe, Beijing Hengtai a batch of a hundred million of new projects started construction; Hebei Steel Tube Co., Ltd. Three Lions project total investment of 100 million yuan has begun to implement the second phase, all new a high-precision seamless steel tubes, large diameter spiral pipe and other projects.

 In 1996, the Mengcun assessed by the State Council Development Research Center named "Hometown of China's elbow pipe fitting," the county government is determined to use the county brand, to continue to be the special industries.

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Bend County

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This article was published on 2010/10/08