Dupage County Dui Attorneys Needed As Dui Arrests Increase

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Dupage County, Illinois Law Enforcement Officers average a staggering 5,000 plus DUI Arrests per year. With consistent arrests for DUI comes the need to educate and protect clients from the one-sided affair that is purely in the corner of law enforcement at the time of a DUI arrest. Local Dupage County DUI Attorneys are there to fill that responsibility in thousands of cases annually.

In Dupage County, with each arrest comes the likelihood of individuals subjected to field sobriety testing and asked to give samples of their blood, urine or breath to determine alcohol levels. That gives Dupage County DUI Attorneys literally thousands of opportunities to challenge the arrests and the governments case.

If you have received a Dupage County DUI arrest this year, it is important that a local Dupage County DUI Attorney is hired to represent you. A local DUI Attorney understands the process locally, including; having a strong understanding of working with the Circuit Clerks Office, the States Attorneys Office and the judges that hear the cases.

This is important because a Dupage County DUI attorney is also quite knowledgeable of the strengths and various weaknesses of local law enforcement personnel as well as those of the States Attorneys Office, having knowledge of their individual personalities and attributes.

Penalties are numerous for DUI and include a $2500 fine, community service, a possible jail term of up to a year and suspension of driving privileges. A driver arrested for DUI may request a judicial hearing to challenge a statutory summary suspension within 90 days after the notice date. The hearing must be conducted within 30 days of the request or on the first court date scheduled to consider the criminal charges.

Legally, only four issues may be considered to throw out a suspension and those include: 1. Whether the person was properly arrested; 2. Whether there were reasonable grounds to believe at the time of arrest that the person was driving or in physical control of the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs; 3. Whether the driver, after being informed of the impending summary suspension, refused to submit to chemical testing; and 4. Whether, after being advised of the suspension, the driver submitted to chemical testing that showed a BAC of .08 or more or any trace of cannabis, controlled substance, methamphetamine and/or intoxicating compounds.

The county seat hasnt always been WheatonNaperville claimed the honor from 1839 to 1867and like a number of other counties in the Midwest, relocating the county seat was fraught with controversy. On November 2, 1990, the present courthouse was dedicated. Occupying over 300,000 square feet, it serves the people of DuPage County today. It is located at 505 North County Farm Road in Wheaton.
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Dupage County Dui Attorneys Needed As Dui Arrests Increase

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This article was published on 2010/10/13