The County Town of Hertford, Hertfordshire

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The county town of Hertford, Hertfordshire, England lies in the area of the county called "East Hertfordshire." Today, it enjoys a population of nearly 28, 000 people. This region of the county has been voted one of the top ten areas to live in a survey carried out by the British Broadcasting Corporation's Channel 4. The town's name comes from the Anglo Saxon era, meaning a ford (wading point) frequented by harts, which is another name for a type of deer.

Historically, it is believed that the first concerted governmental activity in the area occurred in 673 when the Council of Hertford first met at the urging of Theodore of Tarsus, the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time. This council was a synod, or gathering, of bishops of the Christian church in England. It was at that time that the bishops who gathered confirmed the adoption of Roman Catholic rites and practices.

Hertford itself lies in the midst of the confluence of four valleys, each of which have been formed by rivers; the Rib, the Beane and the Mimram, which together join to the River Lea in the town. From there, the waterway flows down to the south, eventually merging with the Thames. There is also a large park which has been formed as a result of a sharing of valleys between the Lea and the Beane rivers.

Known primarily as a commuter town for workers heading into London, the town also enjoys some employment from a local independent brewer, McMullens Brewery. While having no large shopping mall-type complex, there are several large supermarket chains that have stores scattered about the town's environs. Adding to Hertford's character, there are a number of nice boutiques and small shops.

The county of Hertfordshire, which is ceremonial and non-metropolitan by designation, is populated by almost 1. 7 million residents. It is a landlocked county, lying in the eastern zonal area of England, and is one of the nine Home Counties. These counties all border the perimeter of London itself.

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The County Town of Hertford, Hertfordshire

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This article was published on 2010/03/31